All-Purpose puncture-proof SEGMENTED TYRES

All-Purpose puncture-proof SEGMENTED TYRES

  • No downtime caused by punctures
  • No expensive call-out charges
  • Segments easily replaced by operator
  • Never have to replace a whole new tyre
  • Durable and  hard wearing in all
  • Improved handling and comfort giving superb traction and grip
  • No costly disposal charges for damaged tyres

Latest news

Tire Service LLC has successfully participated in Discover Mongolia 2018 and Coal Mongolia 2018

Tire Service LLC is officially established in 2018 in order to supply OTR tires and Mobile Tire Repairing service and successfully participated in two expos in Shangri-La event hall. Coal Mongolia 2018 was organized between 4 - 5 of September…

Meeting at Airboss headquarter

We have announced Uran Tusul LLC and Airboss (UK new tyre brand) has signed agreement on last April, 2018 and becoming exclusive distributor in Mongolia. It is our honour to introduce new innovative technology in Mongolian tyre industry. Our General Director…

Uran Tusul LLC has sponsored birthday ceremony of Her majesty Queen Elizabeth II by British Embassy Ulaanbaatar

The British Embassy in Ulaanbaatar celebrated the birthday of Queen's Birthday on the 14th of June with alumnis of the UK, international traders and medias. Queen Elizabeth II is the Queen who sits on the throne for the longest time in…

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