Products & Services - Automatic doors

Door types we offer

1. Pedestrian & Retail Doors 

2. Industrial & Commercial doors

 Industrial & commercial doors are an important part of your business flow, facilitating logistics and increasing security. Overhead sectional doors, folding doors and vertical-lifting fabric doors are available in a variety of configurations.

  • Folding doors

Horizontally folding doors are ideal where space is limited around the opening, minimizing the ceiling space required inside the building. Few moving parts, contributes to high reliability.

  • Vertical-lifting fabric doors

​A unique vertically stacking design for large door openings and tough environments. Despite their size, they handle both high wind loads and other weather extremes.​​

  • High-performance doors

High-performance doors provide smooth traffic flow, access control and separation of climate zones in both interior and exterior high-traffic applications. High speeds, tight seals and intuitive safety features help improve efficiency in any facility.

3. High- Performance doors

High-speed, high-performance doors excel during intense operation and in demanding conditions. They can improve efficiency, safety and hygiene in applications with frequent openings and closings including manufacturing, cold storage and cleanrooms.

  • Food processing doors

High-performance food processing doors for passages and isolating hygienic areas keep food and contaminants apart. Rapid opening speeds help maintain consistent temperatures and smooth surfaces allow for easy cleaning.

  • Cold storage doors

Insulated high-performance doors preserve the cold chain in high-traffic cooler and freezer applications. Able to open and close rapidly, they prevent drafts and resist moisture as well as reduce energy costs.

  • Interior doors

Interior high-speed doors are ideal for frequent opening while separating critical interior areas. Rapid speeds and advanced safety systems, combined with tight sealing and pressure resistance, help control environments and improve operations.

  • Exterior doors

Exterior high-speed doors combine rapid operation with tight sealing and high durability. Our high-speed fabric, metal and rubber doors offer optimal efficiency, flexibility and security for a wide variety of applications that require frequent openings.

4. Residential garage doors

Adding the finishing touch to your new home or choosing a replacement for a garage door that has seen better days, our residential overhead doors offer you an unbeatable combination of style and performance. We manufacture your desired door with specific size and requirements.

5. Hangar Doors

  • Aviation hangar doors

Aviation hangar doors for the large and often very wide openings needed for aircraft can be a single door leaf or multiple system, and be almost unlimited in size. With no need for ground tracks, the risk for malfunction due to snow or sand is eliminated.

  • Mining doors

Mine doors face tough conditions with many opening cycles per day in harsh and dirty environments. To provide secure access to the gigantic haul trucks that serve the mining industry, they must function flawlessly.